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The GW MisteryHood is the latest in automatic sprinkler fire protection for commercial deep fat fryers. Water-based and foam-enhanced, it offers several advantages over chemical systems. It is the most user-friendly, effective and affordable solution for this specialist application.


pdf GW MisteryHood - Installation Manual (IOM) no. 815

GW MisteryHood - Installation Manual (IOM) no. 815
This IOM (Installation, Operation & Maintenance) provides detailed information on the options and limitations of the GW MisteryHood extinguishing unit.

pdf MisteryHood - Canister Replacement, Manual No. 819

This manual gives detailed instructions on the mandatory replacement of the two AFFF-canisters (active foam agent) which according to UL listing requirement shall be renewed every 5 years, in order to safely maintain the MisteryHood unit's documented effectivess and reliability.

pdf GW MisteryHood referenced in NFPA13

GW MisteryHood referenced in NFPA13
The GW MisteryHood unit was uniquely referenced in NFPA13 as a local application sprinkler device for fire protection of deep fat fryer - as part of a wet pipe sprinkler system.

pdf GW MisteryHood - Project reference list

Examples of properties where the GW MisteryHood was selected for protection of the kitchen………..