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pdf ThermoCool Nozzle

ThermoCool Nozzle

The GW Sprinkler ThermoCool nozzle is a reverse action open nozzle. It is designed for fire protection of structural steel in both horizontal and vertical positions, and the specially developed water distribution pattern provides protection (cooling) by direct impingement, without the excessive water wastage that is seen when conventional nozzles are used.

The narrow “stand-off” distance from nozzle to target (min. 200mm) allows the GW ThermoCool nozzle to be installed in densely packed areas typically seen on offshore platforms, process areas and warehousing.

Although the Thermocool is used primarily for cooling of structural steel, it is equally well suited to provide exposure protection on other flat surfaces which must be isolated from the damaging effects of heat. The  ThermoCool produces a medium velocity water spray, which is fully developed in the operating pressure range of 2 to 6 bar. The nozzle can be operated at pressure up to 12 bar.