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High velocity solid cone spray pattern. Ideal for exposure protection and combating fuel fires with flash point above 66°C. Suitable for use where long throws are required or outdoors in high wind speeds.


pdf Fyrhed High Velocity Nozzle

Fyrhed High Velocity Nozzle

The GW Sprinkler Fyrhed high velocity nozzle is designed for directional spray applications in fixed water spray (deluge) systems.

The Fyrhed nozzle produces a soild, uniform and highly robust cone of high velocity water spray, generated as the pressurized water passes through the internal swirl plate, rotating/spinning the water jet as it exits the nozzle orifice.

The high velocity Fyrhed nozzle is available in a variety of K-factors and materials, to meet most land based and off-shore design application requirements.


GW Fyrhed - High Capacity is currently the largest high velocity nozzle in the Fyrhed-family. It is developed to provide a dense 100° full cone spray for extreme applications where excessive application rates are called for. With a K-factor of 210, this 1" nozzle delivers 210 liters per minute @ 1 bar pressure.

pdf GW Fyrhed - Spray Profile_Vertical Down_3D STEP

GW Fyrhed - Spray Profile_Vertical Down_3D STEP
For the ease of CAD construction involving high velocity GW Fyrhed distribution patterns, the spray profiles for these nozzles are available as 3D models in STEP (.STP) file format. Please contact GW Sprinkler for availability and submission.