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The deluge valves in this category all have a manually adjustable pilot fitted for easy and accurate setting of the regulated downstream pressure. The max. rated inlet pressure is 20 bar - and the regulated outlet pressure can be set in the range 3 to 15 bar.


pdf GW C300 Sprinkler Valve

GW C300 Sprinkler Valve

This valve is designed to supply water at constant pressure to a wet automatic sprinkler system. It is typically used where zones with automatic sprinkles shall operate at a lower pressure than provided by the fire pump. The C-300 sprinkler valve has a built in non-return facility which prevents backflow if the valve inlet pressure suddenly drops. When the C-300 valve opens as caused by activated sprinkler heads, an alarm signal by water pressure can activate an alarm gong or pressure switch.

pdf GW 300 Pressure Control Valve

GW 300 Pressure Control Valve
This valve is used where a controlled constant pressure is required for a downstream wet system - e.g. water supply to fire hydrants. The valve provides an alarm signal via TP5 port when activated. The valve has no actuator. During set-up (commissioning) the downstream pressure is pumped slightly higher than the pilot set-pressure setting, which will lock the deluge valve closed. In case of a downstream pressure drop the C-300 Pressure Control valve will open and start regulating.

pdf GW C300 Pump Control Valve

GW C300 Pump Control Valve
This valve is used where excessive uncontrolled pressure surges from the kick-in of fire pumps shall be avoided. The C-300 Pump Control valve is installed near the fire pump outlet, and is open in the stand-by position. When the fire pump starts, the full flow capacity of the C-300 Pump Control valve is discharged to drain. Immediately at pump start the C-300 valve pilot will monitor the pumped pressure and starts to close untill the pump pressure equals the pilot set-pressure of the C-300 valve, thus providing a controlled fire pump pressure increase to the pipe system - and preventing the damaging effects of surge and water hammer. For optimum pressure surge control the C300 valve should be selected with a flow capacity 1,5 x pump capacity.

pdf GW C300 Fluid Control Valve, Pressure Reducing

GW C300 Fluid Control Valve, Pressure Reducing
This valve is used where a constant downstream pressure is required, irrespective of the fire pump pressure. The deluge valve is fitted with a pressure control pilot that constantly monitors the downstream pressure and modulates the C-300 valve elastomeric orifice to open and close and maintain the pre-set downstream pressure.