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Sidewall Horizontal Extended Coverage (WWHEC)

Sidewall Horizontal Extended Coverage (WWHEC)
The WWHEC is designed for installation along a wall or the side of a beam and beneath a smooth and level ceiling. Commonly used instead of pendent or upright sprinkler heads due to aesthetics or building construction considerations, where piping across the ceiling is undesirable.


pdf 15mm GW DD F2 WWHEC QR


The GW sprinkler series offers high quality, European manufactured, modern compact design, that meet the rigid test requirements set out by the world leading approval authorities. The unique GW PTFE / double groove seal in combination with high end heat responsive frangible glass bulbs guarantee durable operation and reliable performance. The use of precisely CNC-machined hot forged frames eliminates the risk of porosity.

All manufacturing and testing processes are performed strictly in compliance with our quality management system, certified to ISO 9001:2015. GW "WWHEC" sprinklers are manufactured in brass, fitted with a stainless steel deflector, and available with QR- bulbs having release temperatures of 57°C, 68°C and 79°C. GW "WWHEC" sprinklers are approved by LPCB (UK) and VdS (Germany).

GW-DD F2 WWHEC Quick Response sprinklers are used in fixed fire protection systems. The GW WWHEC sprinkler is a special application sprinkler with an extended coverage for protection of light hazard risks, such as hotel rooms.