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Sealed Window Drencher

Sealed Window Drencher
The Sealed Window Drencher sprays dense water drops to form a flat fan spray water curtain. It cools windows during a fire and so prevents them from breaking. This in turn restricts the supply of oxygen to the fire and hinders its spread, especially if the space between buildings is small.


pdf Sealed Window Drencher

Sealed Window Drencher

The GW Window Drencher is developed for wetting and cooling of vertical surfaces. It is fitted with a specially developed deflector which provides a vertical down and 15° reverse, wide spray that generates an evenly distributed water run-down on the vertical surface behind it.

The GW Window Drencher is designed for horizontal installation. It is typically installed as part of an automatic sprinkler system (sealed bulb version), or a deluge system (open nozzle version) to protect a surface or area from heat radiation. The GW Window Drencher is typically used in applications where direct cooling by water run-down is called for – i.e. windows and glazing facades.

Nozzles should be selected to provide the required application rate for the hazard/application. It is recommended to consult NFPA 13 and 15 for more guidance on nozzle selection and installation.