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LoFlow® Nozzles

LoFlow®  Nozzles

A series of fine water spray nozzles for marine, land and offshore applications.

            • Lower Costs - Standard Sprinkler Equipment
            • Quicker Installation & Simple Maintenance
            • Smaller Pumps, Pipes and Tanks
            • Maximum system size as per other applicable Sprinkler Standards
            • Approval: FM (Class 5560) - Light Hazard (HC-1)


pdf K15 LoFlow® Sprinkler Head - for HC-1 Applications (Light Hazard)

K15 LoFlow® Sprinkler Head - for HC-1 Applications  (Light Hazard)

The Loflow K15 Sprinkler series contain fine water spray sprinklers (water mist) with automatic quick response for fixed fire protection of Maritime, offshore and on-shore applications.

The sprinkler heads are installed in fully hydraulic designed wet pipe sprinkler systems. The sprinkler systems must be designed and installed in accordance with GW Sprinkler A/S installation manual no.: 715.

Loflow K15 sprinklers are also suitable sprinklers for foam enhanced sprinkler systems, deluge systems and local application systems.