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Multiple Jet Controls enable small groups of sprinklers or water spray nozzles to be operated simultaneously. A comprehensive range of types and sizes are available with single or double outlets; heat or electrically activated; 20, 40, 50 and 80 mm sizes and 68 and 182 oC temperature ratings. All types are available in natural finish or chrome-plated, electro nickel plated or other finishes for special applications.


pdf MJC 80mm - Heat & Electrically Activated Standard Bulb, Double Outlet

MJC 80mm - Heat & Electrically Activated Standard Bulb, Double Outlet

GW Multiple Jet Controls (MJC’s) are for use in sprinkler or waterspray systems where it is required to operate small groups of open sprinklers or water spray nozzles simultaneously.

Each MJC contains a frangible glass bulb sensitive to heat. The bulb is pre-loaded at the factory to hold a Nickel / Silver plate against a Brass seal and provide a water and air tight seal. Activation of the Metron actuator by passing a small electrical current through it causes a pin to be extended bursting the glass bulb and actuating the MJC. In addition the application of heat will also burst the bulb releasing the disc and allowing water to flow.

GW MJC’s are available with bulb temperatures of 57ºC, 68ºC, 79ºC, 93ºC and 141ºC.

pdf MJC - Installation & Maintenance

MJC - Installation & Maintenance

The GW MJC is a one directional inline valve, single or double outlet, held closed by a frangible glass bulb heat sensitive element. All MJCs are marked with the direction of the water flow cast on the body.

When sufficient heat is applied to the glass bulb shatters and releases the link mechanism allowing water to flow (similar to the function of an automatic sprinkler).

Electrically actuated MJCs are fitted with a Metron actuator. When an electrical current is applied to the actuator a piston is propelled from the Metron body breaking the frangible glass bulb.


pdf MJC - Metron Actuator Model C3

MJC - Metron Actuator Model C3

The Metron Actuator allows the MJC to be activated by a electrical input as well as by heat.

Metron Actuators (Type DR2000 Model C3) are designed to produce a high mechanical work output by ignition of a very small quantity of explosive which produces a high pressure gas forcing a piston to extend from the body of the device.

They are electrically actuated and will operate within milliseconds of receiving the appropriate impulse; a rate which is almost impossible to achieve with a mechanical source of energy. Their compact size, high reliability and good environmental resistance make Metron Actuators ideal for use in Fire Protection, Security, Safety and Aerospace applications.